Monthly Ration

Monthly Rations to A Poor Helpless Person

Life of senior citizens are becoming challenging due to rise in cost.

The composition of the family in urban areas is becoming nuclear and smaller, as a result of which there are fewer people available in the house to provide care and comfort to the aged.

There are many senior citizens who are without any financial support and are living below the poverty line.

For such needy senior citizens Akhirat Foundation has started Ration Service.

On receiving the application from needy elders, Akhirat Foundation will sends a volunteer for home visit for evaluation purpose. After that the ration gets sanctioned and the senior citizens gets ration every month. The most needy people are selected and rest are kept on a waiting list.

Following are the criteria:
Senior with a small amount of pension or some income not more then Rs.3000 p.m. Only one pack will be given to a single family.

Akhirat Foundation places the order for all the beneficiaries ration with the ration shop in their area.The money is paid to the shop either by cheque or bank transfer and the ration is delivered at their homes. The purchase and distribution typically will be done after 5th of every Month.

Total package – 600 item + 100 admin

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